MARBA is a multi-employer association focused on collective bargaining in the commercial construction industry. The mission of MARBA is to promote stability and unity through improved labor-management relations for the commercial construction industry and for the betterment of Chicago and surrounding communities. 

Formed in 1971, MARBA has provided improved and productive relations between management and labor in the Chicagoland commercial construction industry. MARBA stabilizes the construction industry by unifying various contractor associations in the Chicago metro region to provide a strong, single voice in union labor relations. This provides contractors with a central group always 'tending the store'.

MARBA was instrumental in promoting and supporting employer associations 'under one roof' spurring the creation of the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council (CCSC) and the Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO).

Throughout the year, MARBA is directly involved in labor relations through direct and constant communication with contractors, labor unions and industry leaders. MARBA recruits leading employer industry experts to serve in leadership roles during negotiations.


MARBA offers a forum of services for labor/management problem resolution, labor information, grievance administration, training and educational programs. Negotiating separate collective regional bargaining agreements with multiple unions is just one aspect of services MARBA provides its members. 

Collective Bargaining
Administer and coordinate negotiations
Communicate and disseminate information

Contract Administration
Publish all current labor agreements
Respond to labor contract inquiries
Advise associations and contractors on industry issues and union topics

Labor/Management Problem Resolution
Administer Joint Grievance Committees
Coordinate labor/management problem-solving committees

Labor Information/ Public Relations and Training
Publish MARBA Matters newsletter
Maintain communication network with construction trade associations
Provide negotiation updates for contractors
Educate and train negotiators on methodology, objectives, strategies and techniques